Do you have any old black & white 35mm negatives that you would like prints from? We can scan these and print them digitally.

The cost is £2.50 per photograph, plus cost of prints.

Sylvan Photography is part of Forest Books



We offer an ever-changing selection of landscapes from all over the United Kingdom, all at prices you can afford.

These are sold as either mounted (ready for framing), or framed, either in a basic commercial frame, or in a recycled wooden frame, thus allowing us to offer these photographs at very reasonable prices.

Photographs are displayed in our window at Forest Books, and duplicates can be printed to order (up to 7 day delivery). Any photograph can be supplied at any of the sizes shown opposite, either mounted or framed.

Prices range from £3.95 for a mounted 4” X 6”  print, to £24.95 for a framed A3 print.

All photographs are printed digitally on a professional printer, and are guaranteed against fading or discoloration.

All our photographs are taken by Sylvan Photography

You can purchase unmounted copies of our photographss online

A4 shipped in a protected envelope £5.95

A3 shipped in a mail tube


P&P £2 .50 per order.

Please note that though the photographs are printed on A4 or A3 paper, there may be blank areas above and below  the image where the format of the photograph  is different from the standard A4 / A3 format.

Click HERE to view a gallery of photographs available.


If you’ve taken some digital photographs that haven’t turned out very well, they may well be recoverable.

If they’re too dark, they can be lightened.

If they’re too light they can be darkened.

Intruding items can be removed, contrast and colour improved, and what may appear to be a hopeless photograph can often be transformed into at least an acceptable one, and in some cases, a superb one.

We charge from £3.75 per photograph for this service. The photograph needs to be supplied on a CD or a memory stick, and the improved version will be supplied on the same medium. Prints can also be supplied (see bespoke prices overleaf).

No charge is made if we can’t significantly improve the photograph


We also offer a print restoration service.

If you have any old family photographs from yesteryear that have become creased or marked, we can restore them to their original state (or even better) and provide you with as many copies of them as you wish. We can also colour them.

The cost of renovation is just £9.95 per photograph, or £12.95 if you would like it coloured.  This price includes one print

7” X 5”. Additional prints can be supplied

All photographs are printed digitally to archival standard on a professional printer, and are waterproof and will not fade or discolour. If you require basic copies of them, we can produce these in the shop on our colour copier at 70p per A4 copy, or 99p per A3 copy. These too are waterproof, but are of lower quality and not guaranteed against discoloration over time.



6" X 4":  £2.45       7" X 5":   £3.45
A4: £5.95                A3:            £8.95


6" X 4": £3.95          7" X 5"   £5.95
A4:         £9.95          A3:         £13.95

Framed in a basic frame:

6" X 4"  £6.95           7" X 5"   £7.95
A4:         £12.95         A3:   from  £19.95
We offer the following Services


We offer a photoshoot in your own home or business for any purpose. It may be family groups or portraits, or a selection of photographs of  your home or garden, or photographs of your business etc.

The cost of an hour's photoshoot is £65 inc VAT within 10 miles of Uppingham or Leicester. You will receive a selection of small 'proof' prints from which you can choose enlargements at our normal prices (see above). And if required, they can be emailed to you. Or we can put them all on a CD for £10 inc to enable you to print your own copies.

All photographs taken are examined and a selection of the best ones edited and enhanced before we present them to you. Further enhancement is possible to produce special effects e.g. soft focus, monochrome, etc